"Va. Vu. Si. Entrepreneurship Award"

Everywhere you turn in linked-in, facebook or other social media websites you will see articles and posts on these two popular topics, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare IT. There are articles in the name of "What it takes to be an Entrepreneur", "Detailed report on Healthcare Startups", "Healthcare startup strategies" etc. But some of these articles are written by some junior people with no relevant experience. I say to myself "Don't underestimate anyone" and sometimes read these articles. Paragraphs after Paragraphs with colorful pictures BUT with NO, I mean ZERO useful information. I receive calls from people saying they are calling from so and so magazine company (some fancy names containing Entrepreneurship, startups or India) publishing magazines on India's top 10 Healthcare IT companies and if we would like NALAM to be on the top. Few lakh rupees if I want to be in top 10 and few more lakhs if I want to be in top 5. I say "Thank you for the offer & Good bye!!" [...]

Hospital Software and Harley Davidson

Designing Products for consumer market is challenging. Doing it for International consumers should make it more challenging, I think.
The factors considered while designing a product could be,
Who all are the consumers,
What features would they be looking for in the products,
What would trigger them buy and also
What would make them NOT buy them etc. The life style of the consumers, based on living conditions/countries etc., make the needs for the products to be very different. Lets take Motor Bikes for example, If you take a famous American motor bike manufacturer, Speed, Speeeed and more Speeeeed could be the foremost consumer need. Comfort might equally be important. Mileage would probably be the last. "8 Miles per gallon? OK". The motor bike in America is for Luxury riding. A 1000 cc bike for $15000 could be a HOT product. [...]

The 'Give and Transfer' Policy in Satisfying Customers.

There are many ways we get new customers. Sometimes we do big shows to get them to notice us. Sometimes we get new leads while we are packing after the show. There are times we get a call from Hospitals next door saying 'Where have you been all these years?' Or from a Hospital in a remote place not seen in the map saying 'We know you for a long time, We are renovating and Expanding. We want NALAM to be installed!!'. You might have heard new customers asking for references, 'Give me references of Big Hospitals in my area where you have installed NALAM?'. We also get customers asking, 'Have you installed NALAM in that 'Chinna Podiyan (Small/Tiny) Hospital, I need you to install it in my Hospital ippove (now! now!!)' [...]