Nalam Deepavali Offer

Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Tele Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing, SEO Marketing and many more marketing techniques discussed in businesses to promote their products and services to customers. Study shows that 10 to 15 % of the profit (not revenue) is spent on the marketing expenses for majority businesses. Digital Marketing for Doctors is totally different. Business development for Doctors need to be more Organic. It has to be consistent. Its not like doing a promotion for ‘Akshaya tritiya’. Bringing patients consistently to the hospital is more important than bringing more patients instantly.

The Best marketing a Doctor can do is to make sure ‘He’ is the first person that should come to the patient’s mind when they are in need. The Patients should think of the Doctorinstantly when someone in the family is ill.

How much should a Doctor spend for this?
‘0’, Yes, Zero.

You don’t need to spend anything for this if you have NALAM installed in your hospital.

Apart from providing THE BEST Software and Services to digitize your hospital NALAM Software, at no extra cost to the Doctor, keeps sending alerts messages to patients. Appointment reminders, Your Prescriptions during their OP visit, Daily reminder messages to take medicines on time, Reminders for follow up visits, Reminders for blood tests. Apart from these NALAM can also send notifications to patients about Your Hospital Services. Health Camps you conduct, Cross Speciality Camps you arrange and so on.

If you think Digital presence is a key to success, NALAM takes you there royally.

Offline-First Architecture.
Imagine you are visiting a new place and waiting at a hotel reception to check-in and the booking conformation number is in your email. When you try to open your email, if it doesn’t open since you don’t have internet available, How frustrating would that be?

Or consider you are seeing a beautiful scenic place and you want to capture it and share it with family. You are taking your phone and opening a camera. If camera doesn’t open since no internet available, won’t you throw that phone?

When you want the applications that you use for pleasure NOT to depend on internet, would you want your ‘life saving professional service’ depend on internet?

Won’t it hurt you if you want to see the medical history of a patient and you can’t see it because the internet is available? Won’t your patients be upset if you tell them “I cannot print a report today due to internet issues?”

Offline First Architecture for Hospitals

The Best Architecture for Hospitals is Offline-First Architecture. The Data is stored locally within the hospital premises. 4 Buildings, 5 Floors, 3 OP wards, 180 Beds, Labs, IP Pharmacies, OP Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Ambulances and what not? Data from every department is stored in the Computer Server instantly and ready to be accessed by other departments immediately.

How often you access your data from outside? How often you share patient information to others? How often you let your accounting data to be viewed by anyone other than your account? Why should the Hospital data should go out of your hospital? Ask all these questions before you choose your Hospital Software. We keep the data highly secured and give the keys to you and ONLY YOU.



Nalam Versions


An individual practice Doctor Version. Pediatric, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Diabetology, Ophthalmology and other specialists available. Patient Data History & Various Reports ready in few clicks...

Price: 14,950.00
7,475.00 (+ 18% GST)
Nalam Vihari - Save 50%

AMC: 4,410.00 (50% of 7,474.00 + GST)

OPD + Pharmacy

A Special version of NALAM for Clinics with One or Few Specialty Doctors servicing only out patients and having a Pharmacy. Patient Data, Clinic billing, Pharmacy billing, Daily Reports and More. A worry free version with full support of NALAM team.

Price: 98,000.00
49,000.00 (+ 18% GST)
Nalam OPD - Save 50%

AMC: 11,564.00 (20% of 49,000.00 + GST)


A Hospital where Multiple Specialty Doctors consult, that has In-Patient admissions, Pharmacy and Labs. Billing for all departments, Patient data from OP and IP, Discharge summaries, Insurance handling and more features. ONLY in NALAM Basic.

Price: 1,29,000.00
99,000.00 (+ 18% GST)
Nalam BAsic - 32' Tv Free
AMC: 23,364.00 (20% of 99,000.00 + GST)


A Super Specialty Hospital Version. Do you remember to calibrate your medical equipment as per govt regulations? Do you keep records? NALAM can help! NALAM makes it easy to run a hospital from all aspects..

Price: 1,69,000.00
1,49,000.00 (+ 18% GST)
Nalam Advanced - 43' Tv Free
AMC: 35,164.00 (20% of 1,49,000.00 + GST)